5 Inspiring Digital Artists Creating NFTs Today

5 Inspiring Digital Artists Creating NFTs Today

April 13, 2021
Logan Leavitt

We've curated a list of five artists creating incredible digital art that will inspire your creativity.

NFT: three letters every digital artist has heard nonstop in 2021. These non-fungible tokens are taking the VFX world by storm as creators of all types consider the value behind their work as now-deemed crypto art.  

Through murky waters of misinformation, environmental discussions, and many different platforms, one thing is for certain: NFTs are changing the way we see digital art for good.

These five creators are smashing the worlds of digital art, VFX, and cryptocurrency into one incredible mixture of inspiration and craft. 

1. Beeple

You have to start with the king. Though his work has been known to the community for years, the everyday digital art mastermind is taking the world by storm at the very edge of the NFT boom. Beeple is synonymous with the new technology, and at this point, digital art as a whole. 

His historical auction at Christie's (a world-renowned art seller) featured the first 5000 days of the artist’s primary work. It sold for $69,346,250. Let me type it again just to be clear… $69,346,250. There are many takeaways from Beeple’s incredible work but one stands above the rest: work ethic.

When he says every day, he means every day. The truth is there’s no replacement for practice, and Beeple is in his 13th year of daily creations.

2. Jan Sladecko

You may have seen abstract works featuring astronauts in peculiar locations. These are likely from the mind of Jan Sladecko. There’s a familiar whimsy to Jan’s art that is common among digital artists with a focus on CG animation. What sets him apart so impressively, however, is the range you’ll find in his body of work. 

Some artists have a formula they stick to, others will make two pieces that look completely different from one another. Jan’s mastery of several styles, from the realistic to the absurd, bring a fresh take with every post that is bound to inspire.

3. Clinton Jones

Clinton has made it on lists on our blog before, and for good reason. The former Corridor Digital crew member has recently taken a leap into the next stage of his career! His debut NFT work brought a community-driven, Death Stranding-inspired (great game, definitely check it out) masterpiece to auction with a promise for more to come.  

Inspired by his travels, Clint’s work often brings a level of depth that shows an eye for not only finished digital art but photography, compositing, and more. Whether you’re building something from scratch or working in stock footage, there’s so much to learn from Clint’s work. And the best part? He runs live streams and content dedicated to education and his own journey through VFX.

4. The Friendly Robot

Do you like dark and dreary vibes? Do you like the cyberpunk aesthetic? If yes to either, The Friendly Robot will have your jaw-dropping with their gorgeous 3D artworks. One thing that’s amazing about The Friendly Robot’s work is the richness of detail, hidden behind shrouds of visual ambiance.

Whether it’s fog, dust, debris, or clouds, these volumes and imperfections can really shift a tone of a piece. In The Friendly Robot’s recent works, drab city landscapes come to life in their depth, with areas of extreme detail slowly creeping out of the fog towards the camera. This technique highlights the flexibility of digital art, as well.

One can build from scratch using volumes and filters inside of the 3D software of choice, or bring in stock assets from fog to smoke plumes. Sometimes the best result is all of the above.

5. Furio Tedeschi

Sometimes all you need is an amazing character and the viewer will fill in the story. Furio Tedeschi’s ridiculously detailed sculpts and renders bring a great range of diversity with a quality bar that is perfectly consistent. Furio’s work truly shows the weight that characters or beings of any kind can carry in a composition, as well. 

Through something as deceptively simple as a bust in an abstract setting, Furio’s work manages to captivate through the sheer level of skill on display. His recent minted piece “Dormant” brings this in spades with its lifelike textures and twisting pipework. 
All signs show that NFTs are here to stay, but they’re likely to take many forms. As artists consider the place of their work in the shifting digital landscape, one thing is for certain: there’s more incredible work than ever before to keep you inspired.

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