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5 Explosive Fire Tutorials for After Effects

5 Explosive Fire Tutorials for After Effects

Inspire your inner pyromaniac with the power of visual effects

There’s few things as fun as creating a VFX clip with fire in it. In the following post we’ll take a look at a few of our favorite fire tutorials from around the internet. If this post inspires your inner pyromaniac, check out our Large Explosion 2K element here on ActionVFX.

1. Daniel VFX

Skill: Beginner
If you’re new to After Effects or simply want to quickly create a fire effect than this tutorial is for you. The tutorial, presented by Daniel's VFX shows us how to create a fireball using just the free tools inside of After Effects. The tutorial uses a particle generator and turbulent displace effect to really help sell the effect.

2. Phenomenal Creations

Skill: Intermediate
In this After Effects tutorial from Phenomenal Creations we get a glimpse into how to create a cool explosion effect in only a matter of minutes. The tutorial covers grading, compositing, and motion tracking fire elements into your scene.

One interesting trick you’ll learn in this tutorial is how important it is to add ‘ground illuminate' into your scene when compositing stock elements. The tutorial uses our 2K fire elements here on ActionVFX.

3. ActionVFX

Skill: Intermediate
We love fire elements here at ActionVFX. It’s amazing how easily a fire element can dramatically change the look and feel of your video. In this tutorial from Rodolphe, we learn how to composite many different fire elements into a scene in only a matter of minutes.

You’ll notice in the tutorial how important it is to motion track your elements into your scene. It’s also important to note that the added ‘illumination’ layer really helps sell the final composite.

4. VFX City

Skill: Intermediate
In this tutorial from Caleb at VFX City we take a look at how to create a realistic fireball using After Effects and a free preset from Rocketstock. The tutorial covers both creating the fireball and making the fireball look convincing.

It’s important to note in this tutorial how important the added elements like fire and smoke are when creating a realistic fireball. Without them your fire effect might look a little lacking.

5. Video Copilot

Skill: Advanced
When it comes to amazing After Effects tutorials nobody does it quite like Andrew Kramer. In this tutorial from Video Copilot we learn how to create a ‘sun’ effect in After Effects.

The secret is all in the details. Instead of trying to tackle too much, Kramer breaks up the tutorial into small segments. This can be most clearly seen through his use of dynamic turbulent noise and masks.
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