5 Best Video Copilot Alternatives

5 Best Video Copilot Alternatives

Broaden your VFX toolkit with these alternatives to Video Copilot.

Video Copilot is a popular VFX plugin and motion graphics software for motion design and visual effects created in Adobe After Effects. It offers many features that make it a solid choice for learning to create and use professional-quality visual effects and plug-ins. 

However, some potential drawbacks to using Video Copilot may mean it's not the best choice for you, especially if you are looking for a varied source of high-quality VFX stock footage:

Drawbacks of Video Copilot

  • Limited range of VFX elements: Video Copilot offers a robust suite of stock VFX, but its principal focus is providing effects video tutorials and plugins for use with Adobe After Effects. This means it has a more limited selection of VFX stock footage than many other competing VFX stock libraries.
  • Cost: While the software itself is relatively inexpensive, the one-off cost of the additional effects plugins can add up quickly. Additionally, some of the more advanced features require a costly subscription to access them.
  • Compatibility: Video Copilot's VFX assets are not always compatible with all versions of Adobe After Effects. If your version of After Effects is outdated, Video Copilot's effects may not work for you, so you'll need to invest in an update. If you're using a different video editing or compositing software, Video Copilot's effects will also not be compatible with your system.

Considering this, let's look at 5 Video Copilot alternatives that may be more suitable for users looking for a one-stop-shop for VFX stock footage, such as our own, ActionVFX, with an extensive collection of visual and special effects.

5 Video Copilot Alternatives

  1. ActionVFX
  2. FX Elements
  3. Visual FX Pro
  4. RocketStock
  5. VideoHive 

1. ActionVFX