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5 AE Tutorials to Achieve Awesome VFX (Advanced)

5 AE Tutorials to Achieve Awesome VFX (Advanced)

Use these techniques to improve your visual storytelling

We created a round up of advanced VFX tutorials in After Effects so we could specifically reach out to the professionals in the VFX industry. We chose these specific tutorials because each one has very useful content that you can apply in your own workflow! Be sure to check out our tutorials page for more valuable insight on your projects.

Fantasy Eye Effects:

Chris Connor from CREATRIX demonstrates a really cool way to alter the iris of an eye to exhibit various colors and designs. The entire tutorial covers all of the different effects, but if you're looking to create an exact one, 1:22 displays the specific times for each of the effects so you can jump to whichever one you're wanting to make.

Matte Painting:

In this tutorial, George Streicher teaches you how to incorporate matte painting into your work. This technique can be really useful in setting up your scene and extending your background to capture that "larger than life" feel.


Our friend Kris Truini doesn't just show us how to clone people in this tutorial, he also covers some great tips on how to make the effect more convincing by interacting with your clone.


While most would probably agree that rotoscoping is more on the beginner side of things, I wanted to include it simply because it can get extremely advanced, very quickly. This tutorial will help you get the most out of your roto workflow.

Camera Through Wall or Floor:

This is a really cool tutorial in which Tobias teaches you how to achieve an effect that makes the camera appear to pass through walls and floors. This can make for a pretty sexy transition between scenes!

I hope this list helps you gain some more insight into these advanced techniques that can be accomplished inside of After Effects.

Is there something that I missed? I want to hear about it! Email me at [email protected]!

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