450+ Free VFX Stock Footage Assets Ready For Download | ActionVFX

450+ Free VFX Stock Footage Assets Ready For Download

450+ Free VFX Stock Footage Assets Ready For Download

Looking for free VFX stock footage? You and your project are in the right spot!

ActionVFX is home to the world's largest VFX stock footage library, holding over 4,700 individual elements trusted by professional Hollywood compositors, studios, and individual filmmakers around the world.

Did you know that hundreds of these VFX assets are completely free? If not, you do now! They are ready for instant download right here.

Still not sold yet? Below, we're going over each individual free Collection, and why the free downloads are worth your while.

Free Portals | Download

Get ready to build gateways to new worlds! Alpha matte clips are included to easily place a video clip inside the portal. Simplified compositing, all for free.

Portal Features:
    - 10 Portal elements for Sci-Fi and Fantasy effects
    - Download 2K version for free
    - Easily adjust the color of the effects by shifting the hue
    - Delivered in 2K and 4K at 30fps. 10-bit ProRes 422 HQ
    - Alpha mattes are included to place objects inside each portal

Free Bullet Tracers | Download

The free Bullet Tracers collection was created to enhance your scenes that have gunfire. These realistic bullet tracers can be used in any lighting scenario and can be used for both real guns and Sci-Fi weapons.

Bullet Tracer Features:
- 18 bullet tracer elements to enhance your shootouts
- Includes various rates of fire, direction, and angles
- Use for both real guns and sci-fi weapons
- Delivered in 2K and 4K at 29.97fps. 12-bit ProRes 4444
- All files are pre-keyed

Free Camera Shake Presets | Download

This free collection was created to give you the best camera shake presets that can be added to your scenes with ease. These presets are the perfect way to bring excitement and energy to your shots!

Camera Shake Preset Features:
- 31 real handheld camera shake presets and plates
- Use the AE presets to add motion in Adobe After Effects
- Use the camera plates to add motion in any software
- Varieties include focal length, shake intensity, and scenarios

Free Blasters | Download

Where else would we start? Of course, we have Star Wars-inspired blaster VFX! You get five different CG blasters, and on top of that, you get one hyperspeed transition!

We have a tutorial showing you how to composite the blasters that you can watch, as well! Take your scenes to a galaxy far, far away with these VFX assets.

via Gfycat

Blaster & Hyperspeed Specs:
  • 5 Blaster clips 
  • 1 Hyperspeed transition clip
  • Side angle
  • Multiple variations 
  • 2K resolution 
  • Format: 10-Bit ProRes 422

Free Lightning | Download 

Free Lightning is ready to light up your VFX shot. For any type of bad weather or thunder, you'll need lightning. Make sure to download these free assets to electrify your VFX compositing, literally and figuratively.


Free Lightning Specs: 
  • 20 clips of lightning strikes & bursts
  • All assets stay entirely inside the frame
  • Delivered in 2K and 4K
  • Format: 12-Bit ProRes 4444 with Alpha
  • Color Space: sRGB

Free Blood Textures | Download

ActionVFX has numerous game-changing Blood & Gore FX, and our free Blood Textures pair perfectly with any of them! You can extend your gruesome scenes by adding the PNG textures to the wall, floor, ceiling, and much more. The free Collection includes pools, sprays, handprints, and footprints.


Free Blood Textures Specs:
  • 40 free blood textures
  • Delivered in 2.5K and 5K
  • Format: 32-Bit .PNG (2.5K and 5K)

Free Fire Sound FX | Download

Not many people know we develop professional-grade sound FX as well. Our Fire VFX pairs well with our Free Fire Sound FX, and really any type of fiery scene that you may have! From bonfires to torch sound FX, we've got your fire needs covered for free!
Free Fire Sound FX:
  • 33 Fire SFX
  • Gas Fires, Bonfires, Structure Fires, Torches, & Fire Ignitions
  • Professionally recorded
  • Delivered in 48kHz .WAV files

Free Spell Hits | Download

In need of more sci-fi VFX stock footage? Luckily we have our Free Spell Hits! From waving wands in a wizard fight, to even using these free elements as muzzle flashes for laser guns, your creativity is what makes it fun! Check out the video showing how some ActionVFX fans used these elements.
Free Spell Hits Specs:
  • 20 Spell Hit VFX Elements
  • 10 Front-Facing, 10 Side-Facing
  • Easily Adjustable Hue
  • 2K version is free
  • Format: 10-bit Prores 422 

Free Bullet Shells | Download

You can't have accurate gun VFX without the bullet casings! We have all the muzzle flashes, gun smoke, you name it, but you'll also need the free bullet shells coming out of the chamber!


Free Bullet Shells Specs:
  • 9 real bullet shell casings
  • Fully loopable
  • 4 types of shells for pistols & assault rifles
  • Format: 10-bit Prores 4444 (pre-keyed)

Free Blood Mist | Download

Speaking of Gun FX, you're gunfight wouldn't be the same without Blood Mist coming off a body that has been hit by a bullet or another type of projectile! We're currently revolutionizing the industry with our gore elements, so make sure to download the Free Blood Mist!


Free Blood Mist Specs:
  • 15 real Blood Mist Elements
  • Delivered in 2K resolution at 60fps
  • Unkeyed over a white background
  • Use blending mode multiply to remove white background

Free Bullet Hole Textures | Download

While Muzzle Flashes and Bullet Hits are enough to make your gunfight scene realistic, if you want to take it to the next level, add some of our free Bullet Hole Textures! You can composite these VFX elements on multiple surfaces including glass, concrete, drywall, and more.


Free Bullet Hole Textures Specs: 
  • 137 High-quality bullet hole textures
  • 6 different surfaces: Asphalt, Concrete, Drywall, Glass, Metal, & Wood
  • Delivered in PNG

Free Dust Waves | Download 

If you have any type of impact hitting the floor, or you're in a dusty or sandy environment, these free elements are for you! Click the video below to get a quick, to the point look at what these beautiful elements look like.
Free Dust Waves Specs:
  • 10 real Dust Waves spreading across the ground
  • Delivered in 2K Resolution

Free Explosion Sound FX | Download

We've mentioned free Fire Sound FX, but our library wouldn't be complete without Explosion Sound FX! With 45 variations for you to try, it pairs perfectly with all of our explosions in the Explosion Category!
Free Explosion Sound FX Specs:
  • 45 variations of real Explosion Sound FX
  • Professionally recorded
  • Includes: Gas Explosions, Dirt Explosions, Glass & Debris Explosions
  • Delivered in 48kHz .WAV files

Free Burn Mark Textures | Download

Have fire? You need Burn Mark Textures! Having burn marks along with your Fire VFX can take your VFX shots to the next level. They are simple to use and can add that extra touch to your scene. Don't believe me? See for yourself below.


Free Burn Mark Textures Specs:
  • 15 real burn mark textured overlays
  • Compliments Explosion & Fire VFX
  • Delivered in .PNG with Alpha channel included

Free Water Sound FX | Download

From big water blasts to smaller splashes, these free water sound effects are perfect for any of your scenes that involve water sounds. You could imagine having your soldiers pushing through swampy waters under bullet and mortar fire, or simply something falling in the water that requires a splash sound. You are the director!

Listen to what is in store below.
Free Water Sound FX Specs:
  • 34 real Water Sound FX
  • Professionally recorded
  • Includes: Water Blasts, Water Splashes, and Small Water Hits
  • Delivered in 24-bit 96kHz .WAV format

Free Bullet Hits Sound FX | Download

ActionVFX is known for its top-of-line bullet and Gun FX. Plus, we just recently drop new Muzzle Flash Elements, as well Gun Smoke! Do you know what pairs perfectly with these elements, and is free? You guessed it — Free Bullet Hits Sound FX. This Collection even includes bullet flybys.

Take your gunfights to the next level not only visually, but with audio as well. You can listen below.
Free Bullet Hits Sound FX Specs:
  • 36 free Bullet Impacts sound effects.
  • Professionally recorded
  • 3 types of hits: Glass, Metal, and Wall/Ground hits
  • Includes 10 Bullet Flyby Sound FX
  • Delivered in 24Bit 96kHz .WAV format

Free Lens Dirt Overlays | Download

What else is there to say? We dirtied up our lenses so you didn't have to. You're welcome. Remember to blend them into your camera using Screen or Add.


Free Lens Dirt Overlays Specs:
  • 36 real Lens Dirt overlays for your projects
  • Blend the elements in using Screen or Add

Free Smoke Plumes | Download

In need of smoke for an out of control fire? Grab some Free Smoke Plumes! These are versatile elements, and they are totally free, so add them to your VFX toolkit.

via Gfycat

Free Smoke Plumes Specs:
  • 20 real Smoke Plumes rising
  • Multiple variations 
  • Delivered in 2K Resolution

Free Fractured Glass Textures Vol. 1 | Download

We have a simple solution for your fractured glass needs. Instead of fracturing your own glass (especially if you are filming your own car), slap some of our Free Fractured Glass elements to your scene in post! You could pair these VFX elements with our Free Bullet Hole Textures!


Free Fractured Glass Textures Vol. 1 Specs:
  • 15 real Fractured Glass Textures
  • Multiple variations 
  • Can be used as lense-shattering effects
  • Delivered in .PNG format in 2.5K resolution
  • Use the blending mode Screen

Free ActionVFX Wallpapers | Download

To finish off our free items, take advantage of free wallpapers! You can represent the ActionVFX brand no matter where you are on any device! Freshen up your background today!
Free ActionVFX Wallpaper Specs:
  • 7 FREE custom-made wallpapers
  • 4K UHD (16:9), Ultrawide, Vertical, and Mobile variations included

We hope you enjoyed this rundown of our free VFX elements! There is no reason not to download the products and add them to your asset inventory!

Let us know in the comments which one you downloaded today!

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