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3 New VFX Collections: Large Scale Gas Explosions, Clouds, & Storm Clouds

3 New VFX Collections: Large Scale Gas Explosions, Clouds, & Storm Clouds

We've created three more industry-standard VFX collections ready for your compositing.

We've been teasing you for months now, but the wait is finally over! Today, three new VFX collections are live. These collections include Large Scale Gas Explosions, Clouds, and Storm Clouds. See them in action below!

Let's go through each new collection to see what they have to offer, how they can help your project, and some technical specs.

Large Scale Gas Explosions VFX Stock Footage

Large Scale Gas Explosions Specs:
  • 30 clips of CG Explosions
  • Angles: Front, Close Up, High Angle, Bird's Eye View
  • Delivered in 2K and 4K Pro (4K comes w/ OpenEXR)
  • Formats: 12-Bit ProRes 4444 (2K and 4K)
With the release of the new Large Scale Gas Explosions, these elements are the undisputed best CG gas explosions available. They look like real explosions, but have the flexibility of a CG asset.

An important aspect of these elements is the EXR capabilities. With the OpenEXR, you can have access to the render passes, including Lighting, Motion Vector, Depth, Fire and Smoke masks, and more!

These VFX elements also come with multiple variations, such as shape, number of dust trails, direction of the blast, and the amount of fiery goodness.
The explosions are absolutely massive, dwarfing our other Gas Explosions VFX assets. If your scene is needing an explosion and mayhem on a large scale, this collection is for you.

Clouds VFX Stock Footage

Clouds Specs:
  • 68 PNGs of CG Clouds
  • Angles: Front, High, Low
  • Delivered in 2K and 4K Pro (4K comes w/ OpenEXR)
  • Formats: PNG (2K and 4K)
Clouds are a new entry to our Weather Category. You may be thinking, "Well, I can just go shoot clouds in the sky right now." While this is true, we don't advise you to go through that process. These Cloud PNGs are CG, so they offer you the versatility you wouldn't get, and they can help you alter, create, or add to an otherwise mundane sky.

Why ActionVFX Clouds? The 4K option comes with the OpenEXR, where you can alter the Cloud's three-point light (Main Light, Fill Light, and Rim Light) to match your scene. Whether you have a sunset, dusky scene, or a full on bright summer sky in your project, the Clouds Collection will get the job done.

The PNGs differ in the amount of clouds, density, shape, and lighting.
These Clouds will save you time from having to wait for the perfect natural occurrences to film, as well as giving you flexibility that you can only find here at ActionVFX.

Bob Ross would be so proud!

Storm Clouds VFX Stock Footage

Storm Clouds Specs:
  • 25 clips of CG Storm Clouds
  • Delivered in 2K and 4K Pro (4K comes w/ OpenEXR)
  • Formats: 2-Bit ProRes 4444 (2K and 4K)
In addition to our Cloud PNGs, we're also rolling out our CG Storm Clouds! You can add to or create the sky you need to make your shot convincing with these VFX assets. The Storm Clouds pair well with our free Lightning VFX.

The Storm Clouds collection comes with the OpenEXR if you get the 4K version. You'll be able to alter the three-point light (Main Light, Fill Light, and Rim Light) with the EXR, as well as the lightning. You have ultimate control over each individual cloud asset.

Variations include the number of clouds in the clip, density, and the amount of lights you see from lightning. They can also be used as overlays with just the lightning.
Both Cloud Collections can be game-changing for your scenes, as well as save you time on set waiting for the right cloud conditions to shoot.

The team has worked very hard on these new products and we are excited to share them with you. Have a question? Please reach out!

Drop a comment below to tell us which products you are most excited for!

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