2 New VFX Collections for the New Year: Steam & Feather Bullet Hits | ActionVFX

2 New VFX Collections for the New Year: Steam & Feather Bullet Hits

2 New VFX Collections for the New Year: Steam & Feather Bullet Hits

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Happy new year! Last year, ActionVFX said we would deliver new products every month. 2022 is no different! We are proud to present: new Steam & Feather Bullet Hits Collections!

Presenting: Steam | Download Now!

Steam Collection Specs:
  • 37 Real Rising Steam Elements
  • Various Sources & Amounts of Steam
  • Alpha channel included
  • Continuous  & Ignition Clips Included
  • Formats: 12-Bit ProRes 4444 (2K and 4K)

Our Steam collection is one of the most versatile collections yet! Adding steam to common daily items like a cup of coffee or a busy kitchen can be accomplished with the same collection that allows you to show superhuman body heat during an epic final fight scene. 

The different steam elements were created using various shapes and sizes of outlets to meet your scene’s specific needs. Finally, with the included alpha channel, there’s no need for a blending mode.

Presenting: Feather Bullet Hits | Download Now!

Feather Bullet Hits Collection Specs:
  • 30 Real Feather Bullet Hits
  • 4 Camera Angles: Front, Side, Vertical, Angled
  • Various Types & Amounts of Feathers
  • Easily Combinable for Large Bullet Hits
  • Formats: 12-Bit ProRes 4444 (2K and 4K)

The Feather Bullet Hits Collection is designed to add detail to those interior gun or sword fights that result in destroyed pillows and other furniture. This can also include a couch, bed, or any soft item that includes feathers. This collection includes 30 real feather bullet hits from varying angles and amounts of debris. Can we say pillow fight?

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