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Get the largest VFX Stock Footage library in the world! The ActionVFX Drive brings you all of our collections at a highly discounted price. With our elements at your disposal, you'll spend less time searching for assets, and more time creating VFX magic. 

The ActionVFX Drive is used by the top studios in the world, including:



10 categories: Explosions, Fire, Blood, Debris & Impact, Gun FX, Particles, Smoke, Sound FX, Water, and Weather.

Built for Compositors

Like you, we are compositors, so we understand the need to have stock footage that stay within the frame, are properly exposed, and include enough variety to work in the toughest situations.

Professionally Captured

Our elements are shot in 4K, 5K, and 6K resolution, at up to 120fps, using RED digital cinema cameras. They're delivered in ProRes, OpenEXR, as well as the raw .R3D file straight from the camera.

Licensed for your School

With the included Multi-User license, all students and faculty are licensed to use ActionVFX elements. Transfer the drive to your server and grant your entire school easy access to our library.

used in

Blindspot (nbc)
A series of unfortunate events (netflix)
El chapo (netflix)
What happened to monday (netflix)
Fear the walking dead (amc)
Stranger things (netflix)
The punisher (netflix)
Arrow (cw)
Narcos (netflix)
Shaft (warner bros.)
The umbrella academy (netflix)
Waco (paramount)
The walking dead (amc)
The handmaid's tale
How to get away with murder (abc)
The flash (cw)
Call of duty ww2 (activision)
Lethal weapon (fox)
Scandal (abc)
Legends of tomorrow (cw)
Ncis los angeles (cbs)
12 strong (warner bros. pictures)

2018 customer reel

 "Not only are ActionVFX elements shot very well, but everything stays within frame and are properly exposed with nothing clipping, which is fantastic!"

Kyle Spiker ‐ Lead Compositor at Netflix

"Most recently, we made use of their ActionVFX elements on AMC's "The Walking Dead". Using their Explosions Vol. 2 Collection enabled our team to pull off convincing explosions in a short amount of time."

Christian Cardona ‐ Senior VFX Supervisor at Picture Shop

"It’s extremely easy to work with the elements. They’re high quality, high frame rate, great dynamic range with tons of detail and they don’t break frame."

Sindre Johnsen ‐ Lead Compositor at CoSA VFX

"Since the moment we first used ActionVFX there has been no turning back - I have not gone back to our old elements library since. This is simply the standard of material compositors should be working with."

Jonathan Alenskas ‐ DFX Supervisor at Stargate Studios

 "ActionVFX elements are the best in the industry, combining significant dynamic range, high resolution and frame rates."

Colin Feist ‐ FX Supervisor/Compositor at Zoic Studios


Watch how ActionVFX improves the workflow of real users.

Lost boys thumbnail

"ActionVFX gave us the opportunity to replace the vast majority of our stock footage library."

Success story 2

"Any school that has a Film program could benefit from a high quality VFX element library."


We’ve spent 3 years and close to $1 Million building this library.
Don’t worry, it’ll cost you a lot less!

Actionvfx drive packaging

ActionVFX Unlimited

For Schools
  • 3300+ VFX Elements (Our entire library)
  • Perpetual Multi-User License
  • All resolutions from 2K, 4K, and 6K provided
  • Delivered via Hard Drive & Download
  • Save $18,168 off the library


Contact our Sales Team at (423) 461-0028 or [email protected] for all questions.

frequently asked questions

Can I preview the exact contents of this drive before purchasing?
Yes. Simply go to the Products page and click on any collection you'd like to preview. Once on the collection's page, you'll be able to preview and download watermarked versions of each individual element. This drive contains every product on our store.

How do I use a different payment method, such as a Wire Transfer?
Please contact our Sales team at [email protected], or at 423-461-0028, and we'll assist you with purchasing.

Are the raw files also provided?
Yes! Most of our collections also include the raw unkeyed footage that we shot. They're delivered in .R3D (for elements shot on RED cameras) and .MXF (for elements shot on Sony cameras). Multichannel OpenEXR files are also provided for most of our CG elements.

Does my organization need a Multi-User License?
If more than 1 person will have access to the files, yes, a Multi-User License is required. View our License Agreement for more details.

I previously bought an ActionVFX Drive. Can I update my drive to receive newly released Collections?
Yes! If you already own the ActionVFX Drive, you can get our new releases with the same discount you received when purchasing the drive. Simply contact us and we'll assist you!