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How To Create Wolverine Healing FX | After Effects Tutorial

How To Create Wolverine Healing FX | After Effects Tutorial

Composite gore effects and the rapid Wolverine-inspired healing powers in this tutorial.

Wolverine's regenerative ability (arguably one of the most powerful healing abilities in comics) allows him to quickly heal from injuries in battle right before our eyes. We are going to recreate those healing powers in this After Effects tutorial!
Using our Gore Texture assets and their EXR information, coupled with MochaPro's Power Mesh and After Effects features, we can recreate some bloody wounds and gashes to set up our healing animations.

This After Effects tutorial covers:

  • Compositing Gore Textures and its multi-layer EXR
  • Tracking using Mocha Pro's Power Mesh feature
  • Using mesh warp to blend gore assets to the plate
  • Diving into morphing effects using After Effects' Reshape FX
  • How to create a healing animation in After Effects

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